Top 7 makeup tips for those who wear glasses

1) Revamp the eye makeup

Glasses draw focus to the eyes. Eye makeup mistakes are instantly noticeable since they accentuate the eyes. One of the most crucial makeup techniques is to apply and blend eye makeup perfectly.

2) Go slow on the mascara

When the eyes are magnified, one should go for a formula that separates each lash individually as clumps become very obvious. This makeup tip will add a lot to one's look.

3) Blush placement is paramount

The size and shape of the frames, as well as where they sit on the face, determine where the blush goes. It's possible that the frames will hide the blush, so placement is very important.

4) Focus on the lips

If one doesn't want to go for dramatic eye makeup, focusing on the lips instead can be very rewarding. Bold, velvety lips hold the attention of people and one really can't go wrong with well-applied lip color.

5) Be careful with foundation application

People who wear glasses have trouble with the foundation wearing off under their frames and leaving spots that look bad. When they are taken off

6) Showcase the frames of glasses

Try to ensure that the makeup and glasses complement one another. Just as we consider the shape and color of our features when applying makeup, one can also consider the frames.

7) Be mindful of shadows cast by glasses

Glasses may throw shadows on the face and beneath the eyes in certain lighting circumstances. Use concealer or highlighter around the eyes and along the bridge of the nose to reduce shadows.