The 9 Best native plants to add to your garden in California


California has many native species of beardtongue flowers, which bloom in early spring with spectacular flowers that vary in color depending on the species.

Sisyrinchium bellum

Blue-eyed grass gets its common name from its grassy leaves and small blue or purple flowers that bloom from late winter through spring. This fire-resistant, easy-to-grow flower is a perfect colorful addition to California flower

Cylindropuntia californica

The California cholla is a cactus, of course, so it has spines that aren t friendly for high-traffic areas, but it also has pretty yellow or green flowers with purplish red accents that could look great in your landscaping.

Epilobium canum

The California fuchsia is a species of willowherb with bright red, thin flowers that somewhat resemble the flowers of a true fuchsia plant (thus the common name). It s sometimes called the hummingbird flower because its flowers

Asclepias californica

The California milkweed is just one of the state s native milkweed species, most of which host monarchs and other butterflies. California milkweeds have thick, white, hairy stems that can add an interesting element

Eschscholzia californica

The vibrant orange California poppy, California s state flower, is drought-tolerant, easy to grow, and often reseeds itself. Poppies bloom in spring, and in cooler parts of the state, the flowers can last all the way through the summer.

Opuntia littoralis

The coastal prickly pear is a species of cactus that varies in appearance but generally grows in tall, spreading clumps of flat oval-shaped branches

Achillea millefolium

These California native flowers are often included in butterfly gardens due to their fragrant clusters of tiny white flowers that bloom during spring and summer.

Romneya coulteri

Coulter s Matilija poppy is native to dry chaparral and coastal sage scrub plant communities in Southern California, and it can sometimes grow in recently burned areas.