9 Least Obedient Large Dog Breeds In the world

Afghan Hound

Although the Afghan Hound is renowned for its statuesque beauty and long, silky hair, Cohen claims that the breed is obstinate and only 30% of the time will comply. According to the AKC, these sighthounds are independent, devoted, and extremely athletic, with the ability to achieve great speeds in order to capture prey.


Borzoi, sometimes called Russian Hunting Sighthounds, are the working dogs of people who came to Russia before the 17th century from Central Asian countries. They are trained to hunt foxes and rabbits, just as Afghan Hounds.


Mastiffs, often known as Old English mastiffs, are big dogs with kind dispositions. To keep them from becoming bored and destructive, the AKC claims that dogs need strong training as well as lots of exercise and excitement.


These watchful behemoths, weighing between 100 and 130 pounds, are excellent guard dogs and family companions. Puppies need to be socialized and trained by their owners. About forty percent of the time, these canines obey directions, according to Cohen.

Bull Terrier

Due to their playful, mischievous, and obstinate nature, bull terriers need to be trained with patience and firmness by their owners. Once socialized, these lovable dogs are great companions for families.

Great Pyrenees

Large working dogs bred to guard sheep, Great Pyrenees got their start in the Pyrenees highlands. The AKC claims that despite their intelligence, these dogs were bred to be independent and don't see the need to sit and remain.

Old English Sheepdog

While intelligent and self-sufficient, Old English Sheepdogs can be strong-willed and require rigorous guidance during training. These dogs require more than two hours of exercise per day, according to the UK Kennel Club.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Canines of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed are swift, robust, and driven to pursue their prey. According to the AKC, this breed can be independent and occasionally dominant, but if they are trained as puppies, they make devoted pets.


Cohen's study indicates that malamutes comply with their owners' instructions at least half the time. These canines are gregarious and lively, but they need loving care and sound training.