8 Haircuts for men with bald spots

Buzz Cut 

The Buzz Cut is an excellent alternative to completely shaving your head. It is a simple, masculine hairstyle that can be done at home, effectively minimizing the appearance of baldness and drawing attention to other facial features.


Spikes are a great way to style thinning hair, making the scalp less visible and allowing for creativity in hair styling. With the right hairstyling product, you can quickly achieve this look.

Mid Fade Taper 

The Mid Fade Taper Haircut is an ingenious way to divert attention from thinning hair or baldness. This style requires a professional barber or hairdresser but effectively reduces the visibility of hair loss.

Shaved Sides 

For those with a noticeable receding hairline, the Receding Hairline Shaved Sides Haircut can be very effective. By keeping some length on top and combining it with a fade cut and wavy locks, the receding hairline becomes less apparent.

Shaved Head with Beard

A Shaved Head paired with a beard creates a balanced look, preventing a bare appearance. Even if a full beard is not an option, a bit of stubble can significantly enhance the overall look.

High & Tight Haircut

The High & Tight haircut is a reliable option for men with thinning hair. Going shorter often helps manage the appearance of hair loss, and it looks even better when paired with stubble or a full beard.

Slicked Back

A Slicked Back Haircut features faded sides and back, with the top hair slicked back using hair wax or pomade.

Short Pomp

The short pompadour can be adjusted in various ways, but its primary function is to use the volume to conceal any thinning hair or visible scalp.