7 Things Women Over 40 Don t Have Time For Anymore

Office conflict addicts gossip. Any rational lady over 40 should stop this insanity. It looks bad, and nobody trusts rumor.

Gossip About Drama

Airbrushing and the correct angles and lighting may make women look 'beautiful,' but this isn't life.

Unrealistic Beauty Standards

These diets aren't really about the food they're about belonging, status, and control." Who needs that gibberish when hungry?

Trendy Diets

Women should no longer tolerate emotionally unstable jerks and manchildren beyond 40.

Emotionally Unstable Partners

Bad pals sap your emotions by moaning about everything like the world is against them. If they gossip behind your back yet appear pleasant, leave. 

Bad Friends

It's less enjoyable in your 40s. Now is the time to plan for retirement finances. 

Financial Insecurity

In your 40s, women may finally let go of 'FOMO.' You may say no without feeling guilty or scared about missing the finest night ever, and without making excuses.

Saying Yes to Everything