7 Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Make A Big Impact

Maximize vertical space with climbing plants, trellises, or wall-mounted planters. This not only saves ground space but also adds a lush, green backdrop to your yard. Choose plants like ivy, clematis, or jasmine for vibrant and fragrant foliage.

Vertical Gardens

Create a charming entrance with a well-designed pathway. Use materials like stone, brick, or pavers to lead the way to your front door. Adding borders with low-growing plants like lavender or boxwood can enhance the pathway’s appeal and structure.

Pathways and Borders

Use decorative pots and containers to add color and variety without overwhelming the space. Containers can be easily moved and arranged, allowing for seasonal changes and flexibility in design. Consider using a mix of flowers, herbs, and small shrubs.

Container Gardening

Layering plants of different heights creates depth and dimension. Start with taller plants or small trees at the back, medium-sized shrubs in the middle, and ground cover or low flowers in the front. This technique makes the yard appear larger and more dynamic.

Layered Planting

Incorporate a focal point to draw attention and add interest. This could be a small water feature, a birdbath, a sculpture, or a unique planter. These elements provide visual interest and can be conversation starters.

Accent Features

Proper lighting can dramatically enhance the beauty and functionality of your front yard. Use pathway lights to illuminate walkways, spotlights to highlight architectural features or trees, and string lights to add a warm, inviting glow.


Incorporate edible plants like herbs, vegetables, and fruit-bearing shrubs into your design. Not only do they provide fresh produce, but they also add a unique and functional element to your yard.

Edible Landscaping