7 Aspects of American Culture That Non-Americans Hate

Many commentators mentioned how much they detested "small talk" in America. "It makes me really uncomfortable, but not that I hate it," the first person stated. Small talk. with total strangers.

Small Talk

The American imperial system of measurement, sometimes referred to as the British imperial system, is distinguished by its usage of feet, pounds, gallons, and other units that may appear less standardized than the metric system.

Using The Imperial System

According to one critic, he was in America on a business trip. The flags were the only thing that caught his attention. The American flag is flown everywhere; it is seen in stores, eateries, educational institutions, and other places.

Flying Flags Everywhere

Especially in cultures that emphasize more restrained behavior (like Japan), some non-Americans appear to find the tendency of some Americans to be loud or opinionated in public contexts off-putting or rude.

How Loud People Are

It's common knowledge that Americans demand native speakers of English when visiting foreign countries. Then, as if that would help, people who don't speak English just talk louder. This is not appreciated by many non-Americans.

Expecting Everyone to Speak English

"The contempt that Americans have for the underprivileged. As if they are to blame," a non-American respondent said. Several additional people concurred.

How They Treat the Poor

"It seems like everything in America offends people all the time." certain non-Americans have voiced the opinion that certain Americans are extremely sensitive or quickly offended by different subjects.

How Offended Everyone Seems to Be