10 Perfect Tank Mates for Your Betta

Corydoras Catfish: These peaceful bottom-dwellers are ideal tank mates for bettas. They help keep the tank clean by scavenging for food and prefer to stay at the bottom, away from bettas who swim at the top.

Otocinclus Catfish: Another great option, these small, peaceful algae-eaters also prefer the tank bottom. They should be kept in groups and in well-established tanks to ensure their health.

Neon Tetras: These vibrant, schooling fish are popular companions for bettas. They thrive in similar water conditions and prefer to swim in the middle of the tank, keeping them out of the betta's way.

Harlequin Rasboras: Known for their peaceful nature and striking appearance, Harlequin Rasboras are excellent tank mates for bettas. They do best in schools of at least eight and add dynamic movement to the tank.

Ghost Shrimp: These small, transparent shrimp are excellent cleaners and generally stay out of the betta's way. They are less likely to be seen as food due to their transparency and are peaceful by nature.

Mystery Snails: These snails are good for maintaining tank cleanliness and are generally left alone by bettas. They need a tank with plenty of algae and hiding spots to thrive.

Bristlenose Pleco: This small species of pleco is a good choice for larger tanks (at least 30 gallons). They help keep the tank clean by eating algae and do not compete with bettas for food or territory.

Cherry Shrimp: These colorful shrimp help keep the tank clean and can coexist with bettas if there are plenty of hiding places and the betta is not overly aggressive.

Platy Fish: Platys are peaceful, colorful livebearers that add activity and vibrancy to the tank. They are hardy and adapt well to community tanks with bettas.

African Dwarf Frogs: These fully aquatic frogs are peaceful and interesting to watch. They need a tank with plenty of hiding spots and gentle filtration. Their calm nature makes them suitable tank mates for bettas.