10 Attractive Home Decor Ideas

1. Layer Your Rugs

Create a luxurious feel by layering rugs, as seen in Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan's Hamptons home. This adds texture and warmth to your space, especially in neutral color schemes.

2. Make Your Bookshelf a Gallery

Turn your bookshelf into a colorful gallery wall surrounded by comfortable seating, as suggested by celebrity chef Alex Hitz. Mixing books with artwork adds personality and coziness to any room.

3. Don't Forget the Floor

Inject a punch of color into your space with a statement item like a vibrant carpet, especially if you have neutral walls and furniture. This living room by Leanne Ford Interiors demonstrates

4. Let Your Plants Shine

Showcase your green thumb by incorporating lush plants into your living room, like designer Elizabeth Cooper did with a citrus tree and topiaries. Indoor plants bring life and color into any space.

5. Clear the Closet

Transform a shallow closet into a functional bar nook with plenty of storage, as designer John Fondas did. Removing doors and adding built-in cabinets and shelves can create a stylish and practical feature

6. Find New Spots for Flowers

Spread floral arrangements throughout your home to add freshness and color. Consider investing in new vases for different rooms, or opt for low-maintenance plants for a similar effect.

7. Swap Out Art

Refresh your space by swapping out artwork in frames, whether they're small or part of a gallery wall. Consider using pages from books or finding new pieces at flea markets for an updated look.

8. Add a Mirror

Place mirrors strategically to enhance the appearance of space and light in your home. Large mirrors can make rooms feel bigger and brighter, whether above a mantel or on an empty wall.

9. Refresh Coffee Table Books

Rearrange your coffee table book stacks or add new ones to update your living room decor. Experiment with different layouts and order to keep the look fresh and interesting.

10. Set Up a Cozy Reading Spot

Create a cozy reading nook in your formal living room by choosing furniture that is both sophisticated and inviting, like fabric and shapes selected by designer Heidi Caillier.